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Welcome to the FR*Bords du Rhin ! Our family cat breeding is at Strasbourg, Alsace, Bas-Rhin, France. My passion for the animals goes back to my tender childhood. I was always surrounded by dogs or rodents. I always loved cats, without never daring to adopt some out of fear of a disagreement with my dogs. The Norwegian forests cats always fascinated me, indeed, I find them majestic, with a wild look and a gold character ! Thus, I started more closely to interest me in the race by buying books linked with them and by becoming member of forums of impassioned. Thus Cameron arrived at our home in December 2007. He immediately got well with my daughter and me. He felt very quickly at ease at our home in spite of the presence of our three dogs not accustomed to the cats. He never had a gesture of aggressiveness towards them, quite to the contrary, he underwent their rejections or demonstrations of joy, with patience and tolerance. Thanks to this delightful nature, the enemies of old became the best friends of the world ! My desire to become breeder very quickly appeared … and in July 2008 the beautiful Douna of the Door of the Vosges arrived ! Email adress : lesbordsdurhin@free.fr
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