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His caracter The norwegian forest cat is always ready to come to cuddle you, to sleep with you, to chatter indeed, he loves to express himself ans to follow you in all your displacements. He is very tolerant with the other cats and dogs of the house. It would be however a annoying thing to want to buy a Norwegian cat male or female if you don't want to sterilized him, nor to delimit his section. How many former Norwegians owners regret today to have given to their cat an unconstained life ? One day or another the most tender and the most obedient young Norwegian cat disappears without never returning. When come the age of the reproduction, the call of nature will always be the stronger one. Thus, the castration of the males and the sterilization of the females are essential measures if the Norwegian cat has an access to outside (because castrated, he needs less to rove far). The Norwegian cat is moreover a without-equal hunter. People should not forget that about twenty years ago, the majority of Norwegian lived in total freedom. Does it live badly in apartement ? Not more than another cat insofar as he didn't know the outside. A kitten raised inside, adapts perfectly to the life in apartments, provided that he can be expressed while taking advantage of a cat tree from mean size to large size, and above all of the presence of his master to who he is strongly attached. Very intelligent, the Norwegian cat is able to learn all kinds of games : with hide-and-seek, the ball, cat... And he easily agrees to go in lead or harness, like a dog.
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