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His maintenance A priori, because of his rustic nature, the Norwegian cat would not need any particularly care but, he is a cat with hair mid-length, characterized by a very abundant woolly undercoat. He undergoes very expressive moulting, and in we don't do something it can become disastrous. The weak points of the Norwegian cat in period of moulting are the armpits, the back and the interior of the thighs, the flanks, the flanges and the base camp of the ears. It is there where the knots are formed when the dead hairs falls. Thus we had to be attentive to these parts, every year and more from January/February. It is often when we pet the cat that we to realize a knot being formed. Before it becomes too tight, it is possible to gently unwind it with the fingers. Afterwards, it is too late and it is necessary to cut down !That's why you must regularly superwise the state of the fur of your Norwegian cat. To superwise doesn't mean to brush and comb him vigorously every day because you risk removing an essential ornament unnecessarily to him : His thick undercoat. On the contrary you had to brush your cat gently, especially without tearing off if you feel a resistance. You don't have to touch the tail because their hairs fall very little, besides they are the only long hairs that remains in summer, and spend an insane time to grow back. The Norwegian cat without this beautiful plume is less majestic. Norwegian is not more to prone than another cat to diseases. One will take care of to ensure to him a food balanced and of a good quality, particularly during his growth. He develops himself indeed slowly and he reaches his physical maturity not before their three/four years old
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