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His origin In his country of origin, Norway as in Scandinavia where he diffused himself freely, the Norwegian forest cat has been known for centuries like cat waterfinder, living in an autonomous way near the human dwellings. He is very linked to the Scandinavian mythology. Freya, the goddess of love, traversed the sky, in a harnessed cart with two tall cats, tells the legend. Thor, the god of lightning, with a tremendous proportion of force, had one day to lower the arms in front of the one of these cats... The Scandinavian young children liked to listen to stories where this mythical cat took the name of fairy cat. Some of people make go up the origin of Norwegian cats with the time of Vikings. These last ones, who are tireless and cruel browsers would have brought back some specimes of cats with hairs mid-length of the Middle East, in order to protect their food from the rats. Others specialists suppose that families of Central Europe and East, fleeing others barbarians, Huns, would have emigrated as far as Scandinavia, taking with them somes cats with hairs mid-length to take care of their food. Subjected to the rigorous climate of Scandinavia, a natural selection took place, and let only to the most robusts and the most malignants to survive.
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