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Décembre 2014 HCM
Irina des Bords du Rhin Born on 10th June 2013 Brown mackerel tabby and white Father : Honey Sweet de Sigriou Mother : Heather des Bords du Rhin Parents tested GSD4, FIV and FeLV négative Parents detected HCM et PKD négatives ans PKDef N/N (non carrier) Detected HCM and PKD negative in December 2014 (Tests in PDF below)
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Her exhibitions:
Décembre 2014 HCM
Décembre 2014 HCM
Her HCM and PKD/CIN tests :
Irina is an adorable kitten, she is the only survivor of her litter, she remained at our home by obviousness. A deep complicity has always united us. In addition to her very pretty triangle and her very pretty eyes out of almonds, Irina inherited beautiful and large ears of her parents, in straight lines profile and her strong chin, she just misses a little rounder. Her character is quite simply perfect ! She is a kitten which likes life, always in a good mood, she only thinks of playing and of purring. Her mother Heather deceasing of HCM, I don't want to take a risk and Irina was sterilized at the beginning of 2015. Of course, she lives with us.
Décembre 2014 HCM
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